Student Opportunity

Tutoring/Work Experience Program (TWEP) applications are now available at the office if anyone is interested in applying. Tutors must be post-secondary students with good academic standing and interpersonal skills, with a plan to return to post secondary studies. Each tutor will provide a maximum of 35 hours of tutoring service per week over 6 weeks, for a maximum total of 210 hours of tutoring service.
Deadline to submit application is Monday May 6. 

Calendar of Events


     January-June 2019


January 24                              Level I Registration and Parent Information (7:30 pm)

January 28 February 1        Senior High Midterm Exams and Junior High Regular Classes

 February 4                              Semester 2 Begins

February 4                              High School Registration

February 8-10                         Table Tennis Qualifier (Unhosted)

February 12                            Grenfell / MUN Information Session regarding applications (7:00-9:00 pm)

February 12                                                    Midterm Report Cards Released

February 13                                                    Parent –Teacher Interviews

February 14                                                    Valentine’s Day

February 14                                                    Janeway Day

February 18                                                    Winter Break             

February 27                                                    “Stand Up Against Bullying” Pink T Shirt Day

 March 1 – 2                                                     NLVA 18U Girls Volleyball in Clarenville

March 3-9                                                       Education Week

March 2-4                                                       Boys Basketball Qualifier at Templeton

March                                                                         Marble Mountain Ski Trip

March 8-10                                                     Boys Ball Hockey Qualifiers at SJRH

March 11                                                        Live Different Presentation                          

March 18                                                        Winter Break

March 22-24                                                   Boys Basketball Provincials at Roncalli Central High

March 22-24                                                   Girls Regionals Ball Hockey at SJRH

March 29                                                        Boys Ball Hockey Provincials at Roncalli High

 April 5                                                                         Girls Ball Hockey Provincials at Indian River

April 11-13                                                      Badminton Qualifiers at Bayview Academy

April 12 – 13                           NLVA 14U Girls Volleyball in Clarenville

April 16                                                           Progress Report Card Release

April 19-26                                                      EF Tour

April 19–26                                                     Easter Break              


May 3                                                                          Badminton Provincials at Glovertown Academy                            

May 20                                    Victoria Day Holiday

May 31                                    Healthy Living Day @ Bruce II for Grades 7-11

May 31                                    Grade 12 Prom


June 17-21                              Final Exams

June 27                                                            Distribution of Report Cards & Year End Assembly – Everyone welcome

June 28                                    Summer Holidays begin!  Have a safe and happy summer!