Cannabis News

Heard a lot about cannabis in the news lately? Still unclear on what the health impacts can be on adolescent brains that are still developing?
The Government of Canada’s Pursue Your Passion tour is an interactive student based event taking place at St. James Regional High School on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, 2018, from 8:40am-2:05pm for Grade 7-12 students. Each grade will attend a 30 minute session in the gymnasium, during preassigned times. Announcements will be made to inform students when it is their turn for the session.
It has been identified that regular cannabis use, especially in youth and young adults, can impact their brain functioning, which could make it harder for them to achieve their goals. By encouraging participation in engaging experiences that tap into sport, art, and the virtual world we hope to spark a future passion and educate about the facts of cannabis use.
Our interactive experiences will encourage students to understand the value of; thinking, planning, movement, coordination, decision making, and emotions and how these could be affected through the use of cannabis.
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