New Sports Program Brings Regional Schools Together!

Students at St. James Regional High can now participate in new sports events. The school’s sports program is an initiative that is meant to increase junior high involvement in sports. The school sports events take place on Tuesdays, once a month at different local schools.

Approximately 70 students participated in the last game. “The focus is on fun interactions between students from the schools in the area,” said SJRH’s gym teacher, Mr. Quilty.

On Tuesday November 17th, there were six games played at St. James Regional High School. The games also involved students from the elementary school – ages seven to eleven, said Mr. Quilty. The schools that participated was Legallis Memorial, SJRH, Grandy’s River, St. James Elementary and Belanger Memorial.

They are playing ringette at St. James Regional High School on December 2nd. You should wear proper foot wear and there is no fee to watch. The game runs from 2:30-6:00.

For more information on the program, click here.

Article by Nakita Kendall, Tori Lillington and Daniel Osmond

SJRH Celebrates Remembrance Day

SJRH students attended a Remembrance Day ceremony to remember those who died in the line of duty. This ceremony took place in the school gymnasium on November 5th.

Students showed their respect on November 5th, by coming to the ceremony with a poppy on the left side of their shirts. Students gave veterans and presenters their attention and showed them they will not forget about the sacrifices that were made.

The cadets marched through the crowd and the school band played “O Canada”. A few students read remembrance poems. Audience members took two minutes of silence to remember those who fought in the war. Music teacher, Ms. Stuckless, played the music video, “A Pittance of Time” which showed two minutes of peace in a grocery store. The video showed that we should respect our veterans and have two minutes of silence and peace.

Thank you to the people who came to the beautiful ceremony to respect the veterans who risk their lives to save our freedom.

Article by Tara McNeil and Jonathan Payzant